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Aunt and Uncles Day

Happy Aunt and Uncles Day

Aunt and Uncles Day honors a very special pair of relatives. They are your mom and dad''s brothers and sisters. We hope you have a lot of Aunts and Uncles. The more, the merrier. They have the inside scoop on your parents. They grew up as the siblings who witnessed all the bad behavior and missed curfews, not to mention they are the perfect source for embarrassing stories. And on another note, they can be like extra parents, ready to give you advice, cheer you up, and look out for you.

So give your favorite aunt or uncle a call, pay them a visit, or send them a little present to thank them for all they do. Our Aunts and Uncles mean a lot to us. Among other things, they are most likely:

The backup caretaker when mom and dad go out, or are at work.
Real characters at family get-togethers and events.
Someone we can talk to and related to..... some things we just can talk about with "parental units".

Sound counsel and advice.
Someone who takes you to fun places and events.
Someone whose house is a great place to sleepover, especially if you have cousins.

The ones who give you great presents for birthdays, Christmas and special events.

And, the benefits of Aunts and Uncles goes on, and on, and on, and.........
Celebrate Aunt and Uncles Day by spending time with your Aunts and Uncles. If you can't visit, make a phone call. And, send them an Ecard.