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ILS - Intelligent Learning System

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ILS - Intelligent Learning System
Intelligent Learning System (Formative Assessment) by Meritnation is a scientifically designed algorithm that identifies the precise gap in a student's understanding of a topic/concept. The system basically employs an adaptive logic. The customizability in the advanced learning system not only identifies the exact spots where the student faces difficulty in a subject matter, but also generates a customized study plan for the student to learn the missing concepts. The plan is tailor-made for the needs of the student.

The objective of the Intelligent Learning System (Formative Assessment) is to make the learning process speedier, livelier and more fun filled. The system achieves the best results with judicious use of animations and voice-overs, throughout. The Intelligent learning system (Formative Assessment) is designed to make the assimilation of new study material faster and strengthen the understanding of older concepts. It truly eliminates any scope for ambiguity or confusion for you as a student.

Get more information at http://cbse.meritnation.com/formative-assessment.htm

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